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Washing Machine Leaking? Identify The Problem To Make Repairs

When you notice water leaking out from under your washing machine, you must take action quickly. Failure to make the necessary repairs soon after the problem starts can lead to rotted sub-flooring, mold problems and corrosion to the internal components of the machine. But, what is causing the water to leak?

There are 6 main issues that could be causing the water to seep out from under your washing machine:

  • Leaking water connections
  • Leaking or damaged drain hose
  • Cracked or corroded outer tub
  • Bad tub seal
  • Bad tub bearing
  • Failing or leaking water pump

All of the above can be checked visually for leaking, except for the water pump. The water pump takes a little more work to check, but you can do it fairly easily:

  1. Check your owner's manual for the diagram that shows you where the water pump is located in your machine. If you don't have an owner's manual, use your model and serial number to look one up online.
  2. Once you have located the water pump, it is time to check it for leaks and to ensure that it is in good working order.
  3. Start by checking the water connections to the pump. You should see two hoses coming from the pump – one that carries water from the pump and one that carries water into the pump. (Some machines are equipped with up to 4 hoses).
  4. Check the connections to ensure that they are tight and that the leaks are not coming from the hoses or connections.
  5. Now, label the hoses and the connections on the pump. Remove the clamps holding them in place and remove the hoses. This may require the use of pliers to pinch the little tabs on the ends of the clamps to get them to open enough to remove the hoses.
  6. If you have a direct drive pump (will be labeled as such in your owner's manual), remove the small metal clips that keep the cover plate connected to the pump assembly itself. This will reveal the pump impeller – remove it. Examine the impeller and examine it for damage.

If the machine is equipped with a belt drive pump, you may not be able to open the casing to reveal the impeller. If this is the case, do your best to examine the ports and look for anything that could be preventing water flow. If the pump is not clogged and everything appears to be in good working order, there could be a problem that you cannot clearly see.  

 Still having problems? You can contact your local appliance repair technician for assistance. Contact a company like The Good Guys for more information and help.