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4 Ways Watching Television Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Watching television does not have to be a meaningless pursuit, instead it can be a great way to strengthen your relationship with your significant other. Here are four ways that watching television with your significant other can help strengthen different areas of your relationship.

#1 Share A Laugh & Endorphins

Find a television series that you both like that has a comedic element to it. A humorous sitcom usually doesn't take more than a half hour to watch together and can help you feel bonded together through shared laughter. When you laugh, you get a kick of endorphins to your system, which help improve your mood and make you feel good about yourself. Doing this with someone else can turn watching a humorous sitcom into a bonding experience where you are able to laugh and enjoy an endorphin high.

#2 Make Predictions

Next, find another show that is more plot-driven and centered around a mystery every week or throughout the entire season. Watch this show together and then afterwards, spend time discussing the actions that each character takes and if you agree with each action. This can be a great way to talk about large concepts and viewpoints in a more neutral setting that is not directly related to your relationship. Discuss and make predictions together about what you think is going to happen next. This can be a great way to guess together and then enjoy the thrill of finding out if your guesses and predictions where correct or not.

#3 Make It Physical

If you don't feel like your relationship has enough physical intimacy, or that it is too focused on sexual interaction instead of physical intimacy, watching a show together is a great way to share some physical comfort with one another.

When you watch a show together, put down your phones, tablets, and computers. Get close to one another and cuddle with one another or hold hands while you are watching the show. Use this as a time to share some sweet physical affection with one another and increase your intimacy.

#4 Enjoy a Purchase That You Both Wanted

If you have an old TV, now's the time to go shopping for lg tvs. Since not everyone likes shopping, shopping for a fun electronic is a nice way to meet halfway. You can make it a date night and shop for fun add-ons as well. When you watch your new TV together, it will be a nice reminder of your time spent together splurging on something that you both wanted for your home.