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How A Grease Collection Service Makes Recycling Simple

Efforts to keep the environment clean are greater than ever before. This is a good thing. It can also create new requirements for business owners. It wasn't that long ago that restaurants would just dispose of grease into their garbage disposals or garbage cans; however, this material can be very hazardous to the environment, and it can even get into the water system in the local area. Whether you are just starting a restaurant or you have a restaurant already and haven't been properly disposing of your grease, there are grease collection services that make it simple.

Grease Storage Containers for Your Kitchen

Many grease collection services will provide you with a storage container. This is type of container is usually a storage container that filters out grease and prevents it from going down to the city sewage system. There are varying sizes based on your cooking needs and how much grease is produced from that cooking on a regular basis. This can prevent water contamination, and it can prevent clogs from happening your pipes. If a trap is provided to your establishment, it will have to be returned if you stop using the service. 

Grease is Removed Off-Site for Recycling

Rather than having to take your grease trap to the designated recycling area for your city, a grease collection service will do this for you. Most of them have on-demand service as well as regularly scheduled service options. This service is not expensive, and in some cases, it's even free if you meet certain minimums of grease to be recycled. Having the service will prevent you from getting a buildup of grease, which smells really bad, and it will save you time from having to take it to the disposal place yourself.

Grease Trap Maintenance Is Provided

Most companies offering grease collection services also have a maintenance service option. This will include the regular cleaning of your grease trap equipment and connecting pipes. Grease easily builds up with time, and it's important to have your equipment cleaned regularly and maintained as needed. A grease trap that is clogged or has a broken part can cause grease to build up or potentially spill out into the area where the trap is located. With regular pickups, you can schedule routine maintenance with your grease collection service.

To make sure your restaurant is following the law and doing what it can to be safe for the environment, you'll avoid complaints from the city and potential issues with your plumbing. A grease collection service makes it easy to keep the ordinances regarding recycling, and it helps keep your equipment working well always.